Difference Between A Job And A Profession

Difference Between A Job And A Profession

There are many jobs in this world some of these jobs are called a profession. But not all jobs are called professions and not all workers or employees are called professionals. What is the difference between a job and a profession? A job is done in exchange of a monetary value and done for a living. There are many types of jobs, like; full time job, part time job, odd job, self-employment etc. A job may require specific skills and specialized study according to its nature. A job is also time based. For example, 9 hours or 8 hours a day, and this could change depending on the interest of the person. But unlike a job a profession is a vocation that is based on specialized educational training.

The skills and academic expertise makes a professional

A job mostly does not make any significant impact on society or the person’s life and are usually short term. A profession on the other hand is quite permanent and requires a formal educational qualification. A professional may be required to be trained or do an internship or apprentice for some time in order to learn and practice the relevant skills that are needed for the profession. An accountants in Newtown has to pass his exams and intern or work as a trainee before he or she is recognized as a professional. The same thing applies to doctors, lawyers, engineers etc. A professional has to follow the values and ethics and maintain the standard of the profession and if he fails to do so he is accountable for it.

While a job does not have any hard and fast rules, it is only expected that the employee follows the code of ethics of the company he works for. While a professional could question the company rules if it stands against the values and ethics of the profession. Link here http://www.willalan.com.au/business-advisory-planning/ is another professional services that can cover your needs.

A profession does not end with time

A profession is based on hours of work. A professional remains to be a professional regardless of whether he is working or not at the given time. While a job is for only the time period you are working. Someone who works as a telephone operator at a company could be called a telephone operator only for the period of time he or she is working in the company once the person leaves the job, he or she cannot be called a telephone operator. But a doctor whether or not she is practicing in a hospital, she is could be called and known to be a doctor. A professional even after retirement could be called and be known by the profession he did.

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